Замена автомобильных ключей в любое время


Car ignition lock repair

All motorists at least once in their practice faced the problem of a broken ignition or auto-key. An unpleasant situation with a breakdown of an auto-lock can be expressed in the following:

  • the key does not turn well, bites, it is necessary to exert considerable effort to turn it;
  • the key is difficult to insert into the lock, as if the hole has decreased in size
  • problems with the lock wedge. At the same time, repairs do not always help, often high-quality restoration or replacement is required, which our company can also provide.


Our master will inspect the lock, determine the cause of its breakdown and recommend the best option. If the lock is repairable, the master will completely disassemble the lock, followed by washing, cleaning and replacing worn or broken parts. If the situation requires it, we will make a new key to replace the worn one. More info here https://wevegotthekey.co.uk/birmingham/.

Our simple recommendations to help you extend the life of car locks:

Make sure the locks are always in working order. Periodically open and close the lock of the doors and trunk of the car with a mechanical key. The use of alarms and other methods of remote closing / opening of your vehicle does not eliminate the need to maintain car locks in working order.

Remember that locks are oxidized, clogged with dirt. Never lubricate locks with popular products like WD-40, sewing machine oil, and the like. The use of WD-40 in a lock clogged with dirt is possible only if after that you plan to repair the car locks in Odessa. Otherwise, all the dirt washed off the walls will ruin your castle even more. In the case of oil, the situation is even worse. All fatty oils attract dirt and cause damage to the lock very quickly.

Special non-greasy lubricants are available for lubricating car locks. The main advantages of such lubricants are the reduction of friction of the elements in the lock cylinder, water and dust repellency.

Remember that it is impossible to repair an auto-lock or auto-key on your own if you are not a professional in this matter. Trying to fix the problem yourself will only complicate the situation, and the technician will have to do a lot more work.

Additional services:

  1. In most cases, when the remote with buttons stops working, it is enough to simply change the battery. You can do this in any of our workshops.
  2. We can also replace the ignition key with a button. You no longer have to worry about breaking or losing your key.
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